Perovskite Solar Cells

We upscale tandem perovskite solar cells to surpass >25% efficiency milestone. We will NOT stop working on this project until at least half of the globe is powered by green energy.

X-ray detectors

Wonder why X-ray tomography is so harmful? Because X-ray detectors are not sensitive. We develop sensitive sensors for X-ray photons. We will NOT stop until medical X-ray imaging becomes safe and able to ‘see’ 10 μm features.


We love systematic studies, but allow our curiosity and intuition to discover and design unseen materials for unseen applications. We work on the Autmoated and Machine-Learning-guided discovery of new materials.

Perovskite Single Crystal

Single crystals are free of grain boundaries, leading to significantly low defect densities, and thus hold promise for high-efficiency devices. We develop strategies to grow crystals through self-assembly, to perfect them and to integrate them into functional devices. We believe that any material that relies on charge carrier diffusion will eventually equilibrate in its highest quality.